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4 Foolproof Remedies for Ageing Eyes

4 Foolproof Remedies for Ageing Eyes

Did you know that your eyes are the first thing that people look at when they meet you? The last thing that you would want them to notice is how tired and puffy they look. And wrinkles have a bad reputation of downplaying one’s features. Wrinkles can make you look dull, dreary, and much older than you actually are. Don’t let them play havoc with your beautiful face. Make sure you always keep your eyes beautiful and young.

Some of the secondary reasons that cause wrinkles under the eyes can be attributed to sun exposure, intake of alcohol, and smoking etc. Ageing is, of course, the biggest contributing factor and the main reason behind wrinkles as it causes the collagen and elastin production to degenerate over time. Wrinkles are definitely a very scary feature to confront. But don’t worry, there are some treatments that can help you have young eyes. Here are the treatments recommended by Vitality Medi Spa to rid yourself of those pesky signs of aging.

  1. Applying tea bags

Tannic acid in tea has been proven to be extremely helpful for the skin, owing to its soothing properties that relax the skin. All you need to do is take a used tea bag, squeeze out all the water and place it on your eyes to get rid of the dullness. If you’re in a spot and need a quick fix, you can also refrigerate the tea bag before placing it over your eyes for an instant relief. Tea bags can tighten your skin around the eyes and considerably reduce puffiness.

  1. Splash some rosewater

Rosewater offers cooling properties which are known to rehabilitate and rejuvenate the eyes. Simply mix cold water with a little rose water and splash your eyes with this mixture for relief. The skin under your eyes will be refreshed and the impurities will be removed as well.

  1. Using Chemical Peels

It’s one of the simplest ways of removing wrinkles. The process involves the physician applying an acidic solution under the eyes, which will eventually peel off to uncover a brand-new layer of skin. The old wrinkled skin will be less prominent and you’ll look much younger. The peels are mostly simple to apply and remove and don’t require any form of anesthesia. You can alternatively opt for deeper peels that will require anesthetics with the consultation and the supervision of your plastic surgeon. There are a wide variety of peels here are Vitality Medi Spa for you to choose from, and you can be sure you will get the right consultation for the best peel to work with your skin.

  1. Using anti-wrinkling injections

Botulin toxin, commercially known as Botox, offers one the best solutions offered at Vitality Medi Spa for diminishing your wrinkles permanently. It relaxes your muscles and prevents your skin from ever creasing or wrinkling. Most effective for crow’s feet around the eyes and other similar wrinkling features around the face, it is one of the most effective and reliable means of getting rid of wrinkles once and for all.

Try these remedies and make people fall in love with your eyes. Stay beautiful forever!

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