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All You Need To Know About HCG And Weight Loss!

All You Need To Know About HCG And Weight Loss!

The HCG diet has received its fair share of attention under the spotlight, owing to its unconventional approach to losing weight. However different it may be, the results are quite effective. In this article, we at Vitality Medi Spa will tell you all about the popular diet plan and how you can get it done for yourself!

What is HCG

First off, HCG, otherwise known as human chorionic gonadotropin, is a hormone that is exclusively found when women undergo pregnancy. Doctors usually check the levels of HCG in pregnant women as a tell-tale sign of how far along they have come in the pregnancy. Under this diet regimen, you would have to take regular injections of this particular hormone along with following a specific 500-calorie diet and you will be able to dramatically lose weight, as much as a pound a day!

By injecting HCG into your body, you will ensure that you do not lose muscle mass as you maintain your low-calorie diet. This will counter the catabolic state of the body, which breaks down the muscle mass. This way, you do not have to lose any muscle and only lose the unnecessary fat from your body. Vitality Medi Spa offers a precise approach to the HCG diet plan, which usually consists of three phases but may differ based on the individual.


The first phase is known as the ‘Loading Phase’ where the individual will take in the HCG injections and eat high-fat and high-calorie count food for the first two days of the diet.

Weight loss

The next that you will enter will be the ‘Weight Loss Phase’. In this phase, you begin eating only 500 calories a day, assisted with the regular injections of HCG.


The third and last phase of the diet is the ‘Maintenance Phase’ and in this stage, you will be cut off from your HCG dosages and instead will increase your food intake while keeping away from starchy and sugary foods.

During the plan, you will be made to eat only two meals a day, which will likely be just lunch and dinner. The meals should essentially consist of a portion of bread, some kind of vegetable, a fruit, and some lean protein.

Diet duration

Depending on how much weight you want to lose and your body type, the duration of the diet plan can be customized. For those who have less weight to lose, a duration of 3 weeks is recommended for the second phase of the plan, and if you want to lose more weight, you can extend that duration for up to 6 weeks as well. It’s a good thing that you can get the right kind of consultation and advice, along with regular maintenance visits with Vitality Medi Spa.

There are certain precautionary measures you need to take while conducting this diet since the injection doses and the food intake need to be regularly monitored. Our comprehensive HCG diet plan will have you covered in no time so you can be in shape, without losing peace of mind, or any of your muscles in the process!

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