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Dermapen World: Why the Dermapen is your Gateway to Younger Skin

Dermapen World: Why the Dermapen is your Gateway to Younger Skin

The Dermapen is a small, but a very flexible skin tightening device that is generally used for fixing skin related issues. It is essentially a device that looks like a pen and offers the best micro-needling solution around. The Dermapen can be used at home and also professionally.

More than 6000 practitioners swear by the Dermapen around the world for common skin ailments such as wrinkles, hairlines, stretch marks, and so on. Doctors are constantly coming up with new ways in which the Dermapen can be used for new treatments, making it an increasingly important tool for the future of dermatology.

How does the Dermapen Work?

The Dermapen has been based on the Chinese method of acupuncture, whose purpose is to improve the appearance of the skin. The traditional approach helps in letting the body take care of itself by addressing parts of the skin where there’s a problem and letting the body heal itself.

The Dermapen is made of 12 needles that are located on the tip of the tool. These needles will glide over the skin and create punctures over the areas that need to be treated. The punctures are very minute and are meant to activate the body’s self-healing properties.

The punctures open out the pores of the skin for a certain amount of time, wherein the body will send collagen and elastin to repair the holes and rejuvenate the affected areas of the skin as well.

The micro-needles that penetrate the skin will trick the body into thinking that there has been a wound and the collagen and elastin produced will help in ‘healing’ those affected areas. This is how wrinkles, scars, pigmentation, fine lines, and other skin ailments can be eliminated.

What is the treatment like?

Before professionals apply the Dermapen at Vitality Medi Spa, the skin is first placed under a special PDT/LED light in order to numb the surface and to make the process as painless as possible. The Dermapen is then applied and the needles from the pen pierce only as far as the epidermis of the skin and not right through the skin. This way, there is no risk of infection.

Think of the procedure like a small prick and nothing more. Depending on the intensity of the treatment, it can take anywhere from 20 minutes up to an hour to apply the Dermapen. While the treatment may cause puffiness and redness around the treated area, this only means that the Dermapen is working. Over time, the flaws of the skin will be eliminated and you will be left with new, glowing, tightened, and youthful skin.

Is it safe to do it myself?

While it is possible to do it yourself, Vitality Medi Spa takes extra measures to match your skin with the right kind of Dermapen treatment it needs. Our professionals give you the consultation you need for the most effective procedure you need to undergo. When applied correctly in the right hands, a Dermapen can make miracles out of your skin and help you fight the forces of aging.

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