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Vitality Wellness and Beauty Clinic started up at the end of 2014. We were creating service based on idea to combine values of excellence, honesty and to be obtainable for many.  We want to utilize newest tendencies at health care with achievements of well established practice of modern medicine.  Over last several years, western medicine suddenly remembers its own roots. Modern doctors start to pay attention to herbs, vitamins, acupuncture, etc.  We come to realization those methods sometime no less effective then strong pharmacological agents, but less harmful and at many cases less expensive.
We utilize those therapies at many cases with great success.
We do believe in harmony of a human body and soul.  And we do believe this harmony is two ways path. Sometimes helping your body to look younger and beautiful brings a satisfaction which improves your energy, self esteem and helps you to move   toward new life achievement.  That is why and how our medical practice connected with our aesthetic services. Our aesthetic services always provided by licensed specialist. We believe in using only USA-bought FDA approved products, which give guarantees of quality and safety to our patients. We believing in utilizing modern technologies and equipment which guarantee best results for procedure, and we do no compromise the quality for any other priorities.
We also provide such popular services as commercial driver physical exam and pre-employment and annual physical exam. We offer holistic injections and infusions: Vitamins infusions (energy boosters, immune supporters, and antioxidant supplementation): Gluthation infusions (antioxidant supplementation and detoxacation )., Vitamin D injections, Lypotropic injection (weight lost supplementation ).
We offer full line bio-identical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) services. We equipped with YAC 1064 class Medical Laser to address your skin needs.