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Micro-Needling For Anti-Ageing: Worth Every Penny!

Micro-Needling For Anti-Ageing: Worth Every Penny!

There are very few techniques out there that can efficiently and irreversibly remove skin ageing properties as much as micro needling can. This method offers you multiple benefits and gives you youthful skin, without using any form of medication of applying any kind of cream. We’d like to keep you up to date with how the removal technique is implemented here at Vitality Medi Spa and so we’ve compiled this helpful article. With this post, you’ll get to know more about the micro-needling process and why it is the best solution to your skin-ageing!

What does micro-needling do to my skin?

As you age, your skin becomes loose and less elastic, because the collagen in your skin degrades and breaks down the protein cells responsible for keeping your skin strong and tight. You’ll find your skin droops down as it succumbs to the effects of gravity and also see wrinkles forming around your face. This is when micro-needling is required.

The method consists of making very minute punctures on the surface of your skin, alerting your body to start acting on those punctured areas and heal them, thereby also healing the collagen on the skin and turning your skin back to its youthful self by also eliminating the flaws present in the part of the skin where the punctures are made.

What is the process like?

The needles are hair-thin and feel like a miniscule poke when the punctures are made on your skin. Your skin will automatically rejuvenate itself in those areas as the treatment lets the body do the repair work by itself, instead of needing to use any external catalyst. What’s more, if you use any product over the punctured area, it will increase in effectiveness as the product will get to penetrate deeper into the skin.

As soon as the tiny holes are made on your skin, your body starts to produce collagen in those areas in order to start the healing process and if those punctures are made over wrinkles or saggy parts or other flawed parts of your skin, they will significantly reduce as well.

How is the process applied?

Micro-needling can be done in a variety of ways. You could make an appointment at Vitality Medi Spa for a procedure or you could also do it at home. We recommend giving us a visit as we offer a more specialized approach and healing process when compared to doing it yourself. The treatment will differ based on the depth of the puncture wounds on your skin and the areas on your skin where the punctures need to be made.

There is also a specific amount of downtime you need to make in order to heal those punctures and let your skin rest so that the healing process is started. Some of the side effects will include some puffiness, swelling and some redness around the punctured parts of your skin until it heals. The more intensive and carefully that the procedure is made, the more effective it can be.

Is it really worth opting for?

Without a doubt! And you’ll be spoilt for choice with the different kinds of treatments available, for every kind of budget. You can get a treatment done starting at just $30 going up to $1200 as well. Treatments will differ in intensity and based on your consultation with us, we will guide you towards the right kind of treatment. The risk for this kind treatment is minimal and you will notice the difference in just a few sessions.

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