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Natural Ingredients to Your Advantage – Get a Beauty Fix with Mesotherapy

Natural Ingredients to Your Advantage – Get a Beauty Fix with Mesotherapy

Tired of the building flaps on your back or ever increasing belly? If you’ve tried everything and nothing has helped you lose weight, don’t just lose hope yet. We have the right treatment for you at Vitality Medi Spa. And no, you don’t have to undergo a knife for it. This treatment is called Mesotherapy and is used to melt away all the useless fat from your body.

What is Mesotherapy?

It is a non-invasive technique that uses injections to make you slim by melting your fat. The injections contain a mix of natural ingredients, vitamins, plant calcitonins, and muscle relaxants. The fat that is melted is then flushed out. There are minimum or no reactions to Mesotherapy, which makes it a popular treatment for weight loss.

Here are some advantages of Mesotherapy for weight loss

There is no need for surgery. The process generally requires one or multiple injections, depending on your case.

The side effects, if any, are minimal. Some common reactions are swelling or redness. In a rare case, you might be allergic to the reaction.

The recovery time of Mesotherapy is minimum. Compare this with liposuction that is invasive and needs a longer recovery time.

Our experts target the problem areas and remove fat from there by stimulating those areas. This way, the excess fat is removed in a natural way.

It also effectively reduces cellulite and changes its appearance. This isn’t possible with liposuction.

The other uses of Mesotherapy apart from weight loss are body sculpting, alopecia treatment, and wrinkle reduction.

There is no downtime and you can join your office immediately.

With liposuction, the later weight gain is in abnormal positions. With Mesotherapy, it is all natural.

It is a pain-free process and if you are still nervous, we can use a topical anesthetic.

And here are the disadvantages

If you suffer from needle phobia, then this treatment isn’t right for you because you will need to be injected into the problem areas.

Also, depending on your condition, you might need several sessions for the best results.

Since it’s a non-invasive method, it removes less fat as compared to that removed by surgery. If you need to lose more than 15-20 pounds of fat, this treatment might not be the best for you.

The results are visible after a few days as the body needs time to remove fat. In liposuction, the surgeon removes the fat and the results are immediate.

It is mainly recommended for athletes as well as those patients who need to reduce weight to improve their condition. We always perform the treatment with low doses so the chances of side effects are really small.

You can weigh the pros and cons before opting for this treatment. Our experts can evaluate your case and let you know if you are the right candidate. You might need just one injection. Or you may need several. It all depends on your individual case. Make sure you discuss things with our experts and they will help you make an informed decision.

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