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The Magic of Laser Acne Removal on Your Skin

The Magic of Laser Acne Removal on Your Skin

Everyone hates zits. Whether it’s because of puberty or just hormones, there is no way to prevent those red swollen dots that plague your face. Luckily, we live in an era where technology has come far in dealing with this little predicament. And it doesn’t involve having to plaster your face with a concoction of pastes or creams or take any oral medication as well. Now, you can just zap them away!

Laser treatment for acne is a wonderful new approach to ridding your skin of those pesky spots by simply using the magic of light. Just like laser hair removal, laser acne removal is also non-invasive and is easy and fast to implement, letting you say goodbye to your breakouts almost instantaneously.

A lot of care is taken to ensure that you receive the best kind of treatment for your skin conditions here at Vitality Medi Spa. And to help you understand what the procedure is about, here’s a comprehensive guide to laser acne removal.

About laser acne removal

The process uses light that targets micro-bacteria that cause breakouts. When these bacteria are destroyed, you can prevent future breakouts and also eliminate current ones. The main reason why acne develops in the first place is because your skin does not shed properly.

The unshed skin this blocks your pores from breathing, developing sebum bacteria which accumulate the small clumps that we know as zits or pimples. The laser treatment will diminish these sebaceous accumulations and reduce oil production on the skin.

Kinds of acne removal

We offer a combination of different methods of light therapy with skin resurfacing techniques for your acne and also offer you additional benefits that can make you look younger by tightening your skin as well.

At Vitality Medi Spa, you will go through IPL treatment, which is a light therapy treatment followed by laser resurfacing that corrects the skin after eliminating the bacteria. There are two kinds of skin resurfacing methods – Pixel and Fraxel and they are meant to reduce scarring and to keep the skin clear.

You’ll notice the difference in your skin in a few weeks, once you notice the fresh new skin taking the place where your acne once was.

When you need to do it

Before you consider taking on laser treatment at Vitality Medi Spa, we will run some comprehensive tests on your skin to ensure that we get you the right kind of treatment that caters to your type of skin.

The duration of the technique can take anywhere from 6 weeks or more, depending on how deep you want the penetration of the laser to be. The intensity is also adjusted accordingly, to suit your skin’s composition.

The results

After an effective run of light treatment and regular maintenance for a few months, you will notice smoother skin, glowing complexion and any traces of dark spots or sun damage being significantly reduced. Of course, not everyone’s skin is the same and the duration of your treatment options, as well as the intensity of the laser, will depend on how we evaluate your skin to offer you the best possible treatment.

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