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Meet Our Provider

Hello! My name is Svetlana Pyatigorskaya, and I am a nurse practitioner. I decided to start this blog because of too many my patients had said “no one told me about this before” while we were discussing health subject which I, as many my colleagues, tend to consider a common knowledge.  I feel sharing those insights with more people may be beneficial. Also, in my continue process of self-education, I come across things to which I, with all my years of experience, say “Wow, why no one told me about it before!”  I would love to share this information with you as much, and will be very glad to know  you find it interesting and helpful.  I would also very glad to discuss health subjects which you find interesting, so please, do not hesitate to ask questions!

If you would like more detailed discussion regarding your health issue, you can schedule consultation with me at 161 Brighton 11th street, Brooklyn, NY 646-707-7273.  I providing integrated primary care services, bio-identical hormone replacement therapy, weight loss, anti-aging therapy and aesthetic procedures.

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Svetlana Pyatigorskaya

Beauty Therapist 8 Years Experience in SpaLab

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