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Three of the Biggest Botox Myths Busted!

Three of the Biggest Botox Myths Busted!

One of the most popular buzzwords in the cosmetics industry, Botox, is also one of the most criticized. While the whole world is familiar with the word “Botox”, not many people really know about its uses and how they can benefit from it. The often-misunderstood process of injecting Botox is usually known for being used to enhance aesthetic appeal only, but Botox does much more.

To first understand Botox, we must first breakdown what it actually is. It is a neurotoxin produced by some very specific bacteria. This drug is usually linked to many medical procedures in treating muscular conditions. But we only know Botox as being the compound that is injected into a patient’s body and facial regions by relaxing the muscles.

So, to put an end to the injustice that Botox has fallen victim to, here are three of the biggest myths surrounding Botox that we will be busting, courtesy of the Botox experts and a team of professionals from Vitality Medi Spa.

Myth 1. Botox freezes your face

Perhaps the most common misconception that people associate Botox with, is that it makes people incapable of showing any expression on their face as the Botox shot does not allow them to normally express them. The fact of the matter is that Botox does not make you look like a zombie with just one stone-faced expression.

In fact, you can express your emotions just as easily as anyone. The only noticeable difference that others will be able to discern is the reduction of fine lines around your face that are caused due to wrinkling. Considering that the treatment is only used for instances when wrinkles get too distinctive, it is injected to soothe the muscles which relax the skin and not to freeze them, is usually believed.

Myth 2. Botox treatments show instant results

Practically and medically speaking, there is no cosmetic procedure that provides immediate results. As is usually the case, patients will have to wait for at least 24 hours to see any signs of improvement of the skin. The treatment results also vary depending on the patient as some may have to wait as much as five days to see visible results and some might see the clear difference in just a day. Patience is key in these cases and the procedure will only work if you give it enough time to respond to your body.

Myth 3. Only old people need Botox treatments

Many people wait until they see wrinkles or fine lines and then decide to apply Botox to even out the creases. What they don’t know, is that Botox works even better as a preventative measure. Vitality Medi Spa recommends that you try this anti-aging treatment when your skin is still young and beautiful. The neurotoxins in the compound prevent fine lines and wrinkles to surface.

When you do opt to inject Botox earlier on, it is imperative that you make routine check-ups to ensure that your skin is co-operating with the treatment and Vitality Medi Spa offers quality maintenance procedures to ensure that your skin does not age a day.

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