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What is Laser Spider Vein Treatment and How It’s Done

What is Laser Spider Vein Treatment and How It’s Done

If you have spider veins, you know how problematic they can be. These tiny reddish-blue thread-like veins are visible through the skin and often look like spiders, which is why they got the moniker spider veins. While they can appear anywhere on the body, they are generally visible on thighs, buttocks, and ankles. They do not cause any pain or discomfort but they can get really ugly, and wearing a skirt can become almost impossible if you have bluish spider marks on your legs. You can try different treatments but they’ll all fail. Laser is the best treatment for spider veins.

How laser treatment works

Laser spider vein treatment works under local anesthesia and you’ll feel no pain or discomfort. The entire process takes less than one hour. A precise laser beam is focused on a particular vein to treat it. And since it is highly focused, it does not affect the nearby tissues, veins, and skin. The laser destroys that particular vein and it is reabsorbed by the body in about four to six weeks. It slowly disappears over that period.

The laser that we use in our Vitality Medi Spa originates from a handheld device. The device has a cooling tip that ensures there is no discomfort during the process.

Comfortable and painless

When you come to our medi spa, we will give you a local anesthetic so that you don’t feel any pain or discomfort. However, you might feel a tingling sensation during the treatment. Our laser device has a cooling tip that quickly puts your skin to ease and relieves the sensation.

The treatment is done in various sittings and there is a six-week difference between two consecutive sittings. If you see new veins appearing after the complete treatment, we’ll have to do additional treatment. Before we perform the treatment on you, we need to evaluate your case. The expert will inspect for varicose veins. Laser treatment is effective only on spider veins and not varicose veins.

The side effects

There are no real side effects of the treatment. You might have scratch like appearance on your skin for a few days but that will go away in about two days. The scratches appear because the veins have been burnt and the area becomes red. The treatment has minimal risks and your eyes will be covered during the treatment so that you don’t see the bright beam of light.

A cure for spider veins?

There is no cure for spider veins. While the laser can fix this issue for you, it cannot stop new veins from appearing. However, laser is the most effective treatment for this condition. Depending on your problem, you’ll need about 2-6 sittings.

Laser spider vein treatment is the simplest and safest method to get rid of the unsightly lines within a few weeks. At Vitality Medi Spa, we have specialists who have been trained in laser therapy and they fix your skin problems. Our processes are completely safe and we can remove spider veins from the facial area as well.

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